My Portfolio

Please take a moment to check my portfolio including some of my previous collateral material creations. (The portfolio is password protected, but I’m glad to provide the password on request.) Let me know if you have any questions or if I can assist in any way.

Success stories:

  • Search Engine Marketing: I was able to make adjustments to key AdWords campaigns for a client which improved their click-through rate by more than 600 percent, up to 5.85% overall, while slightly lowering their cost per click.
  • Site optimization: Increased one of my current client’s Search Engine Results Page click-through rate by 73 percent in first month of process, increasing query impressions by 34.5 percent and average SERP position by 8 percent.
  • B2B content strategy: While at RCI, I achieved a 30-percent year-over-year increase in our B2B blog views in 2016, as well as 26-percent increase in article time on page and 170-percent increase in site entrances from blog socialization.
  • B2B social channel: After initiating our B2B content strategy, I achieved triple-digit growth in 2016. Our LinkedIn B2B feature page achieved triple-digit follower growth in 2016 YOY. Campaigns had a composite .73-percent click-through rate and a .87-percent engagement rate.

Please download my complete resume for more specifics. In addition, I assembled some of my B2B content marketing blogs, if you’d like to view them in eBook format.


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