About Me

I grew up in Austin, Texas, where I earned a degree in Journalism, working at The Daily Texan student newspaper, covering the Texas Longhorns and generally enjoying the life of a sportswriter. But eventually, I had went back to school to get my MBA in marketing.

I’ve spent about 10 years of my professional career in the travel industry, which was an amazing experience. It introduced me to the Western United States — Hawaii included — and started my love affair with scuba diving. My initial work wasn’t in Marketing, however; I started out in Business Development as an account executive, and it was definitely a great career move, even though it wasn’t Marketing. It allowed me to work with some amazing people in an industry-leading company that helps send people on great vacations—how could that not be exciting? My work included trips to Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Southern California… you know, the barren wasteland of America!

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I greatly enjoyed my work and the people I met there. It was at that time that I decided I needed to rededicate myself to what I had wanted to do all along. I accepted a job at company headquarters in New Jersey in the newly formed B2B Marketing group, and was able to start applying my skills more effectively. While there, I worked on a number of different projects, many of which allowed me to create some of the materials I wished that I had at my disposal in my Business Development job. My role expanded from primarily print materials to digital, including a redesign and relaunch of our B2B website, as well as our B2B email campaigns. At its best, I combined my writing and editing experience along with my training in Marketing, and applied them more and more to the emerging discipline of Content Marketing.

In October 2016, I launched my own digital marketing consulting service, and I’m continuing to grow the business with new clients and new challenges.

Some personal information

20160720_212751I’ve also greatly enjoyed being in proximity to New York City, where I have successfully found Texas BBQ (although still working on Tex-Mex… I’m thinking of petitioning Chuy’s to open a location here!) and have enjoyed the culture, arts and general weirdness that comes with the Manhattan experience.

I earned my open water scuba certification during one of my trips to Kauai, and it’s become one of my favorite hobbies. And I recently got to check off a “bucket-list” item by watching Bruce Springsteen at Met Life Park. As it turned out, we were there when he broke his own record for longest North America concert at 4 hours.

And yes, that’s correct. I have a building in Manhattan named after me.


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